The Tuhgri race was native to the planet Ehjenla. As a race, they believe in the existence of a Great Creator who provides them with everything they need to survive on their homeworld as well as in space. This belief had generated an unwritten law among the Tuhgri that states "no individual beign may own anything." Their native language if a dialect of Huttese. Tuhgri live in various tribes, led by a gaawan, who was elected to join the House of Balance. The Tuhgri were of medium height, and were completely hairless. Their reddish skin was wrinkled, and bony ridges cover their skulls to protect their crania. They were a thin, humanoid race with six fingers on each hand and a diamond-shaped nose with four nostrils. While they were not possessive, their belief in the Great Creator means that anything they happen to find was taken for the population, often without asking permission.

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