Two-Headed Zylork
General Information
Homeworld Monster World
Habitat Forest
Height 12 feet
Diet Meat
Sapience Level Semi or Non-Sapient (presumed)
Language Unknown
Subspecies/Races None
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Troop Universe

Large and deadly, two-headed monsters which are feline in appearance but known to lay eggs.

A Two-Headed Zylork's claws contain an extremely powerful venom which eventually causes the scratched victim to marinate themselves, then return to the Zylork to be consumed. Once a victim is scratched, the Zylork allows it to escape, and will then wait at the place of the attack for the victim to return for consumption.

Troop NotesEdit

At first, the Zylork's bite doesn't seem to do much damage, but as the Zylork's poison works its way into the bloodstream, the victim begins to marinate, and is compelled to return to the Zylork to become its next meal.

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