The United Nations Starship Unity was a colony ship that the U.N. had built for the purpose of colonizing Planet, an earthlike world orbiting Alpha Centauri A.


In the year 2060 A.D., Earth had been devastated by war and pollution, to the point that the planet would be eventually become uninhabitable and spell doom for Humanity. In a last ditch attempt to save the Human Race from extinction, The United Nations constructed The Unity to carry a group of colonists to a distant planet in the Alpha Centauri system.

After an eight-month long voyage across space, the Unity's passengers were suddenly awakened by a reactor malfunction that occurred shortly after their arrival in Alpha Centauri. This, combined with the assassination of the ship's commander threw the crew into chaos. As a resolution, the Unity's seven most powerful leaders split their chosen crew into seven distinct factions, divided not by nationality, but by ideology and their vision of the new world. The seven factions each seized one of the Unity's colony pods and made their way to the surface of Planet, seeking their destiny beneath an alien sky.


The Unity carried all of the equipment and crew needed to establish a thriving colony upon Planet, but due to the crew's mutiny and the subsequent destruction of the colony ship, the colonists were unable to utilize the technologies taken from the Unity, setting them in a technological dark age in the first years after Planetfall.

The Unity's destruction had also scattered seeding pods across planet, which contained equipment and materials intended for establishing the colony's infrastructure. Their uses ranged from providing building materials, construction drones that set up farms, forests, mines or solar collectors, tapping into aquifers to create rivers, contain scouting vehicles (rovers, foils or copters) and on some occasions, providing valuable information on new technologies or map data. Some pods, however, may malfunction and cause earthquakes or Xenofungal blooms and may even be infested with Mind Worms.

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