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The Uamtonians are a race of humanoids that are characterized by a large bald cranium, a large chin and large nostrils and light brown skin. They seem to dress in blue leather-like jumpsuits. They are native to the Alpha Quadrant planet Uamton.

Three Uamtonians were responsible for kidnapping Captain Jean-Luc Picard using an energy beam in 2366, and holding him with the Mizarian Kova Tholl, the Chalnoth Esoqq, and the Bolian Starfleet cadet Mitena Haro hostages. They were conducting a maze experiment to study leadership qualities, since their race has no distinctions of authority. After Picard discovered what happened, they returned him to the USS Enterprise-D where he trapped the two aliens in a force field. They plead to be let go. After Picard showed them how it is be to held against one's will, that kidnapping is wrong, he dropped the force field and ordered them off his ship.

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