Liash Keane

The Ubese were a race of humanoid aliens whose language was distinguished by its metallic sound. The Ubese people were native to the Uba system. Millennia before the Battle of Yavin, the Ubese were a relatively isolated race with a highly-sophisticated culture. When the Uba System was discovered by the Old Republic, traders began bringing high-tech devices to the Ubese. They hoarded technology and learned to reverse-engineer much of it, developing their own forms of higher technology. The desire to obtain more technology began to splinter Ubese society, and their drive to have better technology split them even further.

During era known as the Draggulch Period, delegates of the Old Republic soon discovered that the Ubese were producing technologies which had been outlawed by the Republic, and realized that much of it was military materiel designed for large-scale devastation. In an effort to curb the Ubese advancement, the Old Republic launched a pre-emptive strike to bring a halt to the production. Unfortunately, the Republic's attack exploded Ubese weapons stores on every world in the system, destroying Uba III outright and wreaking radioactive devastation on Uba I, Uba II, and Uba V. Only Uba IV remained marginally viable, and many Ubese were forced to survive there. The semi-toxic atmosphere forced them to wear specialized filtration masks, and altered their physiology in many ways. Those Ubese who survived and lived on Uba IV became known as the "true Ubese." Those that chose not to live on Uba IV migrated to the Ubertica system. These Ubese were shunned by their brethren on Uba IV as being too soft to be "true Ubese," and became known as the yrak pootzck, a term which indicated their impure parentage and cowardly ways.

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