This article is based on the breeds under The Swarm or Zerg of the StarCraft Universe. The Swarm are generally arthropods given their complex exoskeleton every different mutations or breeds. They are considered The Swarm for their rapid collective mutation and their type of expansion wherein they can only mutate and develop from the same spot of their Hatchery or their Queen’s nest.



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The Ultralisk is the feared unit of The Swarm given its huge stature. This beast is present in both StarCraft I and StarCraft II and considered as one of the heavy ground units of The Swarm. This breed can be mutated from the highest level of Lair upgrade to Hive. From such level of Hatchery mutation, the Ultralisk Cavern can be built. In this structure, the development of Ultralisk’s abilities is possible.


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General Information
Homeworld Zerus
Height 5 meters (20 meters length)
Diet Liquified Vespene Gas and processed mineral crystals, possibly carnivorous
Sapience Level Limited Sapience (all sapience from Queen of The Swarm)
Behind the Scenes
Universe StarCraft Universe

This Mammoth-looking beast has a tough exoskeleton and its tusks used for attack is attached to its back. The two blades/tusks also known as the “Kaiser Blades” look a lot like the hands of the Ultralisk when used in attacking. This breed is considered to be the most powerful ground unit. Its tough exoskeleton adds to its longer life span in the battlefield.


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Aside from the huge damage of this breed to enemy units and structures, the Ultralisk’s exposure to more Vespene gas enhances its capabilities more like being under Adrenaline rush (movements and attack rate increases). More than the two “Kaiser blades” present in the default Ultralisk, several genetic experimentation led to emergence of additional two blades used in more effective melee attacks.

Zerg Ultralisk Version 2 Starcraft 2 Spore Creature00:42

Zerg Ultralisk Version 2 Starcraft 2 Spore Creature

Ultralisk concept (w/ 4 Kaiser Blades)

Starcraft 2 - Patch 100:31

Starcraft 2 - Patch 1.1 Ultralisk vs PF

Ultralisk in battle


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