Traditions include the grand ceremony of Betrothal, the great pig juggling ceremony, the time tunnel of tarxis—Re-jigs the age hormones—the protocols of Talithos and Zanalar—the pre-wedding mating ritual—. Other traditions include the Ultron nose-pinch—the sign of true friendship between a male and a female—the sacred oath of allegiance—the sacred stance—part of the sacred oath of allegiance and features the heroes standing with their right arms on their hips and their left arms straight across with the hands pointing down. And finally, Chang Ching—combat to the death (also known as Rock, Paper, Scissors), where forfeiting results in being scattered to the corners of the universe in four separate packing cases.

Languages are: "Zneet Znadder Zneet" (Often shortened to "Zneet"), which is typical Ultronian greeting. "Zneet Znadder Znithery Zneet" - happy Ultronian greeting. "You Great Nishdar" is an Ultronian insult. "Zneet Znadder Znooding Zneet" (as done by Tyler) is considered disgusting and it is illegal. Lying on Ultron is punished by death.

George states that Ultronians find physical beauty unnecessary and meaningless. Compassion, intelligence and decent morals are valued more than anything else, if an Ultronian is to find a spouse. George states the males on Ultron know their soulmates as soon as they meet them. He also states that Ultronian women are remarkably tall, almost Amazonian. His own sister is eleven feet tall. If an Ultronian male gets a female pregnant and they aren't married, the Ultronian male must have a Vasectomy (on Ultron, a couple of bricks are used for this with no anesthetic), unless they get married.

Aside from Planet Earth, the Ultrons' closest neighbours are the Zargons, a race of fish-like humanoids. According to George, Miss Zargon, winner of the Miss Universe contest, has "three of the loveliest noses in the galaxy."

Several well-known humans on Earth have been revealed to hail from Ultron. Joan Collins, Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman are in fact Ultronian natives finding stardom on Earth.

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