The Umbaran mobile heavy cannon, also known as the Umbaran MHC tank, the Umbaran MHC juggernaut, or simply the Umbaran MHC, was a six-legged juggernaut vehicle used by the Umbaran militia during the Clone Wars.


Aside from being ray shielded, the massive six-legged walker was equipped with dual blaster cannons situated right next to spot lights useful at night. Its main weapon was a large rotating electro-magnetic pulse cannon located on its head that could easily decimate entire platoons of enemy soldiers in combat. Like the Umbaran starfighter, the controls for the MHC tank were just hand-motion controls.


The MHC tanks only use so far was during the battle of Umbara during the Clone Wars between the Grand Army of the Republic from the Galactic Republic and the Umbaran militia that had sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. At least three active tanks were guarding the Umbaran airbase. Two of the MHC tanks were used against the 501st Legion during the platoon where they proved to be a tough opponent, its shields impervious to even missile launchers. However, the captain of the 501st, CT-7567 nicknamed Rex proposed a plan to have two troopers sneak into a nearby airbase and commandeer two enemy starfighters to use its heavy weaponry to take out the tanks. While the two troopers left for the job, the two MHC tanks, later reinforced by a third MHC tank, continued obliterating the clones, trampling them as well as blasting them away. Rex took up a missile launcher and fired at the tank but to no avail. Rex tried a second time, this time aiming for the massive cannon. The missile struck the cannon, successfully taking it out but barely making the situation any better. As the Umbarans stepped their offensive, the two troopers had successfully stolen two starfighters and managed to destroy the tanks using the heavy blasters of the starfighters. With the tanks destroyed, the clones managed to secure the airbase.


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