The Umgah Drone is the lowest ranked ship in the entire Hierarchy lineup, even though it can zip backwards very quickly with its retro-propulsion system (its special ability), plus its Anti-Matter Cone weapon (which sucks enemy crew members from a ship when it comes into contact of its spray) can be hard to get a shot past due to its cone shape when it is activated (which the weapon also doesn't drain any fuel whatsoever when it is being used either). It is also the cheapest ship to build in a full game and has a high amount of fuel and refueling speed.
Umgah ship

Picture of a Umgah ship.

Unfortunately the ship can only house a very small crew, its thrust and turning speed isn’t high, it has the lowest speed for a ship in the entire Hierarchy roster (any Alliance ship [its enemy] can outrun it), its weapon strength is only fair and its range is even lower, and even though its refueling speed is high, the Drone only seems to recharge itself intermittently, plus when it zips backwards it drains its fuel in large amounts.

Ship statsEdit

  • Alignment: Ur-Quan Hierarchy
  • Crew size: Very low
  • Fuel amount: High
  • Refueling speed: High
  • Thrust: Fair
  • Turning speed: Fair
  • Ship speed: Lowest
  • Weapon range: Very low
  • Weapon damage: Fair
  • Special power: Retro-Propulsion System
  • Cost to build (full game only): Lowest


The Drone was originally used for mining and destroying asteroids, hence why it doesn't have any weapon features that one would come to expect for a warship.

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