Unidentified OOM command battle droid (Ryloth Blockade)
Vital statistics
Date of Death 22 BBY
Gender Masculine programming
Species Battle droid
Race/Nationality Droid
Military Rank Commander (Separatist Alliance)
Status Destroyed
Appearances Star Wars Universe
Portrayed By Matthew Wood (voice)
"Oh, that's bright"
―This droid, to Mar Tuuk

This OOM command battle droid was one of the separatists battle droid commanders, which were deployed for the invasion of Ryloth. He was a subordinate of captain Mar Tuuk, and served in his flagship. When Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker tricked Tuuk with a false surrender, and sent his own starship against the Droid Control Ship, Tuuk fled with an escape pod, leaving the droid to perish alongside the doomed ship.


Blockade of RylothEdit

270px-Mar Tuuk datapad

This droid and Captain Tuuk

During the Clone Wars around 22 BBY, the planet of Ryloth was invaded by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Emir Wat Tambor, the Foreman of the Techno Union and the leading commander of the invasion, tasked Neimoidian Captain Mar Tuuk with commanding the blockade over Ryloth. This OOM command battle droid was deployed as his adjutant, and was stationed on a Lucrehulk-class LH-3210 cargo freighter, which served as Tuuk's flagship.

Shortly before the Galactic Republic launched an offensive to break through the Separatist starships and liberate Ryloth, Tambor contacted Tuuk via hologram, to ensure that Tuuk's forces could withstand the attack. The commander droid stanted next to the Neimoidian captain when Tuuk assured Tambor that the blockade was impenetrable. Moments later, three Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer entered the system. When a squadron of Republic V-19 Torrent starfighters, led by Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, started the assault, Tuuk ordered the command droid to launch all Vulture droids against them. The command droid obeyed, and soon the Vulture droids engaged the Republic fighters. During the fight, the commander droid stood behind Tuuk, discussing with a B1 battle droid. They watched as Tuuk examined one the Republic Venator-class Star Destroyers, the Defender, and realized that the ship was General Anakin Skywalker's flagship.

Prepering of defenceEdit

Shortly after the victorious foiling of an attack, Emir Tambor contacted Mar Tuuk, who then reported the succeeding of the battle, and that Skywalker was leading the attack. Tambor congratulated the captain, but also warned him not to underestimate the Jedi. Tuuk wanted to learn more about his enemy, and he ordered the commander droid to bring him the archive data of Skywalker, which the droid quickly delivered. After he had read about the well-known Jedi General, Tuuk was more than certain that Skywalker wouldn't give up. He commanded the command droid to prepare the cannons and troops to battle. Droid commander wondered the decision, and asked were they under attack, which captain replied that Skywalker would certainly return. The droid then proceeded to fulfill the order. The Republic forces truly were preparing an attack, although Skywalker had decided to use trickery instead of power. As he prepared the damaged ship, Defender, to his "conspiracy", Tambor contacted Tuuk once more. The commander droid listened again in background as the Emir told that Count Dooku himself was estimated the number of Republic forces, and he believed that they were too thin to attack successfully. Tuuk, however, was still sure that Skywalker would renew the attack. The Neimoidian planned to defeat him, and gain his "greatest victory". Concurrently, a said Jedi Knight started his "attack".

False surrenderEdit

The OOM command battle droid informed captain Tuuk that the Republic ship had just appeared from hyperspace, and was sending transmission. It was sent by Anakin Skywalker, who, via monitor, offered himself and his cruiser, alongside its crew, to surrender, in exchange of the safe passage of food and medical supplies, to the suffering Twi'leks of Ryloth. The commander droid watched the negotiation, which Tuuk showed substantial interest to the bargain, as the capturing of General Skywalker would make the separatist captain a celebrated hero.

However, the ship was scanned, and one of the B1 battle droids informed the result to captain Tuuk: the ship was heavily damaged, with all power diverted to the forward shields, but there was only one life-form aboard. Shocked and angered, Tuuk told Skywalker that he had nothing to bargain with. Skywalker answer that he would then depart, but the captain could still "have his ship", which was in impact course with Tuuk's flagship. As the Skywalker disconnect the connection, and as the second Republic ship had just entered the system, Tuuk realized he had fall to trap. He tried to save the situation by ordering all cannons to fire, while the chaos and panic started to spread, as some of the droids, including the OOM command battle droid, initiated to senselessly skitter along the command bridge.


Like all OOM command battle droids, this commander droid was capable for independent thought. It served as captain Mar Tuuk's personal assistant, dutifully fulfilling the orders it received. While Tuuk was in command, the droid mostly stayed in background, letting captain to do the decisions of commanding.

Behind the scenesEdit

Like all of the B1 battle droids and OOM command battle droids on the Star Wars animated TV series, this commander droid was voiced by Matthew Wood. Alongside many of the commander droids in series, his real name is currently unknown, as he was only referred as Commander in Storm Over Ryloth, the only appearance of his.