"Energy, Unity, you would describe thus"
A Unity describing intself to SGC

The Unity were a crystalline life form encountered by the SGC in the first season. The species was all but destroyed by the Goa'uld and only a small handful survived the destruction.


Unlike most races in the universe the Unity are a crystalline life-form instead of being carbon-based. They are capable of using the electrical energy stored in their body to mimic faces in order to communicate with other lifeforms, and to release the energy as a defensive weapon. Some Unity are capable of manipulating the energy to such a degree that they can become a perfect copy of another life-form.

Unfortunately, the unique nature of the energy in their bodies means they can only live on their own world or one was little background energy. Prolonged time on a planet like Earth will lead to death for a Unity.


In their natural form they look like blue Crystals but they can alter the crystal surface into a face to communicate with other lifeforms.

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