He is a robotic cat from the 22nd century that has been sent to the present because he needs to guide the great-great grandfather of his master, Sewashi. He travels back to time to where Nobita Nobi lives as a young kid who is troubled with low academic marks and is being bullied by other kids so his self-esteem is really low. Moreover, the family of Nobita is troubled financially as their business goes down. In order to make the situation better, he is sent back to the 20th century.


Doraemon is created on March 9, 2112 and is manufactured at the Matsushiba Robot Factory.


Doraemon being assembled

Initially, he is a yellow body with a higher voice and ears but because of the malfunction in electricity while he is being assembled. He becomes the only robotic cat with one less screw which makes him only a second rate robot. Most of the time, he fails his tests on the Academy as a result of the malfunction. Because of this, he could not be auctioned to rich families so he is given to the poor family of Sewashi.

More Information

Although he is described as a cat, he does not resemble the normal feline creatures on earth. He is very sentient as he could understand and communicate well with other human beings properly. Doraemon is color blue with highlights of white on his mouth, belly, hands and feet. He has three whiskers on each side of his cheeks and a red nose. He has no ear but he is capable of hearing. His special feature is a pocket found on his stomach that is similar to a kangaroo. This is a very special pocket as it is fourth-dimensional that produces many futuristic gadgets and devices such as a handbag that picks up an object even with a distance, “Wherever Door” that allows one to go anywhere and “What if Phone Booth” that makes it possible to travel to another world. He has no special powers that enable him to fly or to swim fast but he has his magic pocket that contains everything that he needs.

His main weaknesses are rats and mice because he is very afraid of them. It is said that he


Ears bitten by a rat

develops a phobia when he had been bitten on his ears which caused him to change color from yellow to blue and for his ears to disappear. This really made him so depressed that he cried for a long time. He is so paranoid with them that he scavenges from his pocket the nuclear bomb when he feels that they are around. Another of his weaknesses is he hates being cold. It is interesting to notice that even if he is made out of chips and metals, he has the capacity to feel emotions like sadness when he lost his ears and fear when seeing a mouse. It could be possible that he has a central nervous system like the humans that contains a brain that has an amygdala that controls these kinds of things.

Although he is a robot, he eats a lot of food and his favorite is a dorayaki or a snack with red bean paste. This idea suggests that even if he is a robot, he might have a digestive system or a mechanism that could digest the food as he often eats it and it does not really harm him.