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November 26, 2012
  • DeltaSquad5

    If you could do a Star Wars-style film but have it set on Earth, what would you do?

    There's no right or wrong answers here - it's just your imagination.

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  • DeltaSquad5

    Found this video and wanted to share it as I think it's an interesting idea at least.

    As a guy born in the 90's, I sadly never read the Animorphs book series, but did watch many episodes of the TV series that came later. It was entertaining and I certainly would give a movie series a watch.

    Here is the first episode of the Animorphs TV series (although it is poor quality):

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  • DeltaSquad5

    "Parapsychology is a field of study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena. Parapsychologists study telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, reincarnation, apparitional experiences, and other paranormal claims." - Wikipedia

    Since many extraterrestrial individuals and/or species in comics/books/films/etc. display psychic or supernatural abilities in some respect, I was wondering what anyone's opinion was on the subject of Parapsychology?

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  • DeltaSquad5

    Favourite Badass Alien?

    November 23, 2014 by DeltaSquad5


    Think of all the aliens (good or bad) who you've seen and would class as been 'badass', then work out who do you think is the best?

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  • DeltaSquad5

    Holiday season

    November 20, 2014 by DeltaSquad5

    Well I've reached 1600 edits - even while rushing around to do what you have to do for normal life.

    With Christmas and other winter holidays coming around in a few short weeks, I don't know what I'll be doing, but I'll be most likely be playing the role of peacekeeper just in case it looks like any arguements may break out. My sister may be coming over with her boyfriend and my baby nephew, so that will be a nice thing at least.

    So, what are your plans for the holiday season, whatever you may celebrate?

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