Alien Species

  • HaloSpartan-44

    Rules on vehicles?

    November 28, 2016 by HaloSpartan-44

    I have seen a few pages about vehicles and I know they arn't actually alien species and I can't find a infobox on them like I can for characters. So what are the rules for vehicles? Because I might add a few of the Covenant vehicles since they are alien. (sorry my Enlgish is not so happy)

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  • HaloSpartan-44

    1. What is your most scary alien? For me its either The Thing or The Flood

    2. What is your most badass/cool alien? For me its either Yautja or Xenomorph

    3. Which alien do you think is the most alien looking? For me its definetely The Mimics

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  • HaloSpartan-44

    No mans sky

    May 28, 2016 by HaloSpartan-44

    Has anyone heard of the new game called no mans sky coming out soon? There will be a lot of new aliens to add from that.

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