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    5,000 Pages!

    May 5, 2013 by Insurgence

    Keep up the great work everyone!

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    Regarding IP Blocks

    April 28, 2013 by Insurgence

    This blog is intended for the Administrators and Bureaucrats of ASW.

    While I was perusing the various IP blocks we have here, I noticed a trend to block IP's for either infinite, or for an inhumanly long time (until 2111, for example.) 

    I feel it must be reminded that all users first deserve a warning, and then a temporary block. (3-5 days). If they are just petty vandals, they will probably not come back after that. If they do, and continue to vandalize, a longer sentence should be put in place. (2-3 weeks, depending on severity of actions.)

    One thing we should never do though, is outright ban an IP from editing this wiki, forever. It is potentially detrimental to people who may get that IP in the future and may wish to edit here, or people …

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    Recently BlueFrackle stated that he would be interested in having article comments on the wiki. As I am strongly against it, I am here to provide the cons while he will provide the pros for you.

    My list of cons:

    • Hard to follow conversations. Exactly what it sounds like, conversations previously discussed may be accidentally discussed again. Without topics on the comments, it's painful to wade through dozens of comments to find what I'm looking for.
    • Unprofessional. In Wikia Staff's recent string of "social site" releases, they have been making what is supposed to be a specific online encyclopedia into a social site. This is not facebook, this is wikia.
    • It makes admins and bureaucrats seem like average users. Admins always had a sense of authori…
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    Rules & Policies

    June 15, 2011 by Insurgence

    Hello. Let me start this off, by saying that I am deeply honored if you are reading this blog, but unless you are directly involved in the policy and regulations process, or are interested in how our policies are made, you will probably find this boring. So this is basically what I want changed in regards to policies, if I get support from my fellow policy maker, Owen, then I will proceed to make the changes. Here's my plan for future changes.

    • I want to merge some of the policies. I think if we can have about 3 outlined, detailed articles that contain multiple policies, it would be better then it is now. I don't believe that the average reader wants to read 10 pages of policies before he/she starts editing.
    • I want to create more policies, I…
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