This blog is intended for the Administrators and Bureaucrats of ASW.

While I was perusing the various IP blocks we have here, I noticed a trend to block IP's for either infinite, or for an inhumanly long time (until 2111, for example.) 

I feel it must be reminded that all users first deserve a warning, and then a temporary block. (3-5 days). If they are just petty vandals, they will probably not come back after that. If they do, and continue to vandalize, a longer sentence should be put in place. (2-3 weeks, depending on severity of actions.)

One thing we should never do though, is outright ban an IP from editing this wiki, forever. It is potentially detrimental to people who may get that IP in the future and may wish to edit here, or people who may wish to turn over a new leaf.

So I'm not chiding here, but we should remember to scale back the severity of our blocks. I will be changing the block sentences for most of the IP's right now that have been blocked for "infinity" or blocks that are akin to that caliber. Just a friendly heads-up.

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