Once when I was younger I use to wonder if we were alone in the universe.  I was 10 yrs. old at the time and I can remember looking up at the stars and envisioning a giant UFO, all the stars connected forming a huge craft.  The musings of my mind soon diminished as I went on to highschool and then college.  There I met a clairvoyant who told me I was meant for something greater than the job I had bartending.  She said I was suppose to move WEst and find a Guru.  Two years later I found myself on the road headed to California from Wisconsin.  There I started taking yoga classes from a lady named Lola and soon became interested in esoteric philosophy.  I was interested in modeling and sent some of my photos I had recently taken to a couple of agencies in New York.  One small start up agency, Rage Models, took an interest in me so I decided to pack my bags and make the long haul to the east coast in my VW Jetta.  On my way I started noticing signs, billboards, that read about evolution and revolution.  A sense of urgency swept over me, a feeling like I had to be somewhere, affecting change.  It took me two days to arrive in New York City.  When I saw the big city lights, I knew something greater was going to happen to me.  I moved to Mount Vernon in Westchester County with a roommate named Armand, who I found through a roommate website.  There I would make the daily trip to the city for auditions and my weekly job bartending still at a Murray HIll barbecue restaurant.

One day a woman walked in, Vivinne was her name.  She was a yoga instructor and had her own yoga studio in Midtown Manhattan.  She mentioned to me that she attended classes with a yogi named Dharma Mittra.  She suggested that I go with her to one of his meditation classes.  So, on a cold Tuesday afternoon in February in 2002 we sat in a circle gazing at a candle and I waited for something to happen.  20 minutes into the class I saw in my third eye, the space between your eyebrows, a drill unscrewing my brain.  The Guru was opening me up to spiritual discourse that could only be handed down by psychic means.  The next week I found my self back at the yoga center, this time in an asana class.  At the end of the class, in corpse pose, with my eyes closed I saw Dharma Mittra jump through a black hole.  What did this mean?

Two weeks later I asked Dharma if "he could do tricks?"  He said "I'll show you a trick".  That black hole I saw him jump through soon became a materialization, when in 2006 he teleported from New York to Chicago on a bicycle.  I was on my way to teach a spinning class, something I had picked up doing since modeling didn't pan out.  I had moved back to my hometown to teach and I saw Dharma appear out of nowhere on a bike on the opposite side of the street.  When I looked back he was gone!  Why did he show me this "trick"?

He showed me this trick because he said to me "we need your help".  He wanted to show me how to teleport so I could carry a message of hope around the world to people searching for clarity and meaning in their lives.  Some two years later in 2008 I did teleport from the north end of Chicago to the south end on a red line subway train.  It happened in an instant and when I arrived on the south end of town a voice came to me saying "you just teleported!"  Who was this voice?  And why did I teleport with no result.  I thought I was suppose to be carrying a message.  This voice has come to be known as an other worldly being, only named "PV".  He has said to me telepathically that the time will soon come where I will channel a message and keep channeling it until it resonates a wave throughout humanity.  "Sure!", I say.  It has been five years since he has said this to me.  It was suppose to be, but nothing has happened.  "Wait and see". he says.  More to come....


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