• Nexus12

    A Day of Reckoning.

    May 10, 2011 by Nexus12

    This is a little fan-fic I did on another wiki where I was previously an admin. Please read and comment if you get the time!

    The bridge of the majestic Drosoor fills with the scent of the hunt and the lust of battle. Never before has theDrosoor seen battle, a relatively new ship, only 163 solar cycles old. This new ship will be influential in the Human's defeat. The Drosoor will capture one of the human's outposts and threaten death to everyone inside unless the Human's comply with the demands given. This exact same plan of action will be executed simultaneously on 7 other outposts in hopes of making the Terrans surrender. The warp through hyperspace finishes and outpost X-19 appears in full view on the holo projector. A communication channel i…

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  • Nexus12

    Rules & Policies

    May 7, 2011 by Nexus12

    Hello. Let me start this off, by saying that I am deeply honored if you are reading this blog, but unless you are directly involved in the policy and regulations process, or are interested in how our policies are made, you will probably find this boring. So this is basically what I want changed in regards to policies, if I get support from my fellow policy maker, Owen, then I will proceed to make the changes. Here's my plan for future changes.

    • I want to merge some of the policies. I think if we can have about 3 outlined, detailed articles that contain multiple policies, it would be better then it is now. I don't believe that the average reader wants to read 10 pages of policies before he/she starts editing.
    • I want to create more policies, I…
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