Greetings, all alien lovers! Welcome to the Design an Alien contest, where any one may enter aliens of their own creation for the chance to win the respect of other users. At the end of this month, I will judge the entries decide which one is worthy of victory. Be creative, and have fun.


  • Virnos, winged creatures that infest isolated worlds. Created by User:Holbenilord.
  • Schgluffer, a furry insectoid thing that grows into a 12 meter long sea monster. Brought to you by User:BlueFrackle : - )
  • Charonite, an ancient race of peaceful biomechanical carnivores. Created by User:Dyga19.
  • Lentaa, a race of pterosaur-like aliens that command a vast armada. By User:Toothless100. Happy now?
  • Daemons, a race of caste-based creatures intent on the conquest of their universe. Created by User:Meta5.


Previous Winners

  • BlueFrackle, for his Tahawe.

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