The birth of the two infants, Lisa and Arnold Shin to their human "Father" Griswold Shin. Father is single and having to raise the two children on his own.

As Infants

It is too early to tell how they will develop at this moment. Both children are more or less identical, they both resemble the alien father rather than the human father.

They have shrunken noses, black eyes, and black eyebrows with no significant hair growth as of yet (the alien father had no head hair).

Both infants have wants and needs identical to that of a typical sim infant, if this holds true they will become toddlers during their third day of life.

As Toddlers

When transitioned to toddlers the two children grew hair, individual facial traits became more apparent.

Note: Griswold has become more and more anxious as his own needs and aspirations in life have suffered as his children grew, as well as his career! And his fear of being abducted by aliens is maintained despite his apparent love for his children!

Personalities also began to manifest, both behave as normal toddlers playing with the toys purchased for them by their father.

  • Personality: Almost identical to her human fathers, but she is considerably more playful
  • Personality: Somewhat inverse of his human fathers, he is incredibly kind, but he is sloppier than his father.

In their time as toddlers Griswold has bonded quicker with his daughter, they are both incredibly resistant to toilet training, and Arnold does not seem to like Lisa too much

While they could not talk, they were able to communicate desires, both simple and somewhat complex. At one point Lisa was able to indicate to her father that she wanted a story read too her.

If they age as normal sims do, they shall become children within four days.


The children transitioned into childhood normally, there was no formal celebration and the transition was not as smooth as could have been, this can be attributed to the fact that a single father was raising the two infants on his own.

Arnold entered childhood with a basic sense of creativity, and Lisa with a basic sense of logic.

At this point it becomes obvious that the children are identical to normal sims in every way but a few, they have much stronger personalities than most sims, and they look different.

A myriad of toys were purchased for the children to encourage them to discover their own interests. Arnold seemed to desire more physical activities, as he is a more playful individual, and Lisa desired more intellectual activities.

Note: While not a kind individual, Griswold does care a great deal for his children and wants only the best for them. He has fears concerning them, and is all around a loving father! He was also forced to quit his job, to prevent social services from removing his children from the household.

The physical differences apparently cause no issues with the other students in their school, further cementing the idea that people of alien origin are an accepted phenomenon within this world.

If the trend continues they will become teenagers in 8 days.


The grew into teenagers at the expected times, Lisa more physically fit and logical, and Arnold far more creative than his sibling. But these traits are to be expected of them because of their personalities.

All evidence points to these to alien/sim hybrids leading normal sim lives, but certain questions linger? Why? why do the aliens go through the trouble of inseminating the human sims?

And why does the world so readily accept them? I suspect answers to these questions may lay in the enigmatic "Strangetown", but for now the adult lives of these two sims will be monitored, although it is doubtful that any changes from the "sim" norm will manifest after this point.

For now i seems the hybrids are simply superficially different, with incredibly strong personalities. The study must continue though!!!


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