The categories here seem to be ill-thought out for the scope of the project . . . I suggest a complete restructuring of the categories.

It needs to be planned though, there is going to be a loooooooooot of grunt work involved in reformatting the categories of 5000 pages, of course I have the time to do so o _ o

There needs to be four over-categories, one for technology, worlds, sapient species, and non-sapient species. A basic overview of what I think it should be I am going to put here, but I think a lot more discussion needs to be put into the idea of a radical reformation such as this.

Worlds ("Celestial Bodies" Perhaps?)

  • Planets
    • Habitable Planets
      • (various third-tear sub-categories based on broad environmental assessments)
    • Uninhabitable Planets
  • Moons
    • Habitable Moons
    • Uninhabitable Moons
  • Star? (if Celestial Bodies over-category is chosen)

Sapient Species

Let us not fool ourselves, the line between sapient and non-sapient can be pretty blurry at times, look at the Matris from Leo's Aldebaran. But for most species it is pretty obvious, individual examples that can be argued should each be assessed individually.

  • (Sub-categories based on various traits, humanoid, reptilian, insectoid, robotic, etc.)

Non-Sapient Species

Once again things get blurry here, Rykors are a good example!

  • Wild Life
  • Domestic Life

Of course one of the obvious issues I havent been able to overcome with my thoughts on category restructuring is how plants would factor in, some plants are sapient, some are non-sapient, I figure they would be under the appropriate over-category.

There is also the issue of universal segregation, as this structure means that every page has to have double the amount of categories for properly identifying which universe the work belongs too.

I get dizzy just thinking about it!

At the very least I think right now the un-categorized pages should be tackled

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