I will be studying the pregnant male sim, the subject in question is one "Griswold Shin" a sim of my own creation. Little manipulation was used in triggering the pregnancy.

Griswold Shin: Vital Statistics
  • Aspiration: Fortune
  • Bank Balance: 13,058
  • Personality: Sim is outgoing, is neat, and active, the he is fairly serious, but most importantly the sim is not at all a nice individual!
  • Skills: Skills from study include incredible ability to cook, fairly good mechanical aptitude, and a highly developed sense of logic.
  • Marital Status: Single, no romantic relationships. (or significant friendships for that matter)
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Blue

Abduction & Insemination

Griswold suffered four alien abductions in total, the first three abductions were actually the result of the sim "seeking" alien life intentionally. These abductions did not result in pregnancy.

Conclusion: The extraterrestrials do not inseminate Sims who seek them out

After his fourth abduction he was inseminated, examination of subjects memory shows that none of the memories of abduction were pleasant being negative experience. Sim as also demonstrated fear of this in the past.

Note: Sims with "Knowledge Aspiration" do not seem to fear alien Abduction, they in fact seem to embrace the idea even aspiring too it (Evidence: Sim - Karla Onofre, separate simulation)

Preparing for Child

The father has a full time paying job, but has taken the time to study parenting at. A crib and diaper changing station were purchased for the child as was a myriad of toys for enrichment.

Note: Child rearing necessities such as the crib, and the changing station come with options that appear to be designed with an alien theme. There is also a mobile available for the children based on a flying saucer that supposedly crashed in "Strangetown" records indicate that this is indeed a real place, investigation is pending.


Male sim exhibited traits normal for sim pregnancy,The expansion of the stomach cavity at intervals of 25 hours (sim was forced to wear maternity clothes), sim experienced hunger, and had decreased bladder control.

Note: Maternity clothing is designed with an alien theme, the clothes must have been purchased by the sim at some point or provided by the Aliens. Purchase would imply that the sims in their world have knowledge of the male pregnancy phenomenon following abduction, as well as a general knowledge of these aliens.

Sim was given maternity leave from work with no question by his employers, I considered it unsafe for the sim to travel because of his condition. The sim suffered from a lack of social interaction, to offset this a pet "womrat" (guinea pig-like creature) was purchased for him to interact with.


75 Sim hours after abduction the children were born, normal sim gestational period. Sim seemed cautions and hesitant during birth, but ultimately enthusiastic.

Twin children, one female Lisa and one male Arnold, this result was not anticipated, another crib will have to be purchased and family may have to move into a larger dwelling.

Both children have black hair, black eyes, and shrunken noses. Family tree reveals the alien father of the infants to be a "Pollination Technician".


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