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What Is an Appropriate Page? (Please Read)

Ralok September 18, 2012 User blog:Ralok

I am creating this blog to discuss what I think is appropriate content for this wiki, as there seems to be some dispute over it. First and foremost I think that this places is a place for . . . alien species! But it is a place for other things as well.

Alien Species

This is obvious, this is a place for any and all species alien to this universe. That is to say something unknown in our world, it could be a species or being from any science fiction or fantasy universe, even if that universe is defined solely by the presence of this single aspect.

This includes species sapient, non-sapient, floral, fungal, anything and everything.


All alien technology should be allowed in my opinion, as these are things that are differing from our reality. However I do not think we need a page for EVERY individual ship (unless it is unique).

Robots, weapons, all that kind of stuff should be allowed as they are in their own right. . . alien, they are not aspects of our universe.


Many diseases and afflictions are in their own right life-forms, but even those that are not should be included for the sake of completion, as well as poisons and such.


Any and all my friends . . . any and all!


Characters should not be allowed, unless they are the only notable example of their species known, or a unique alien being. Character pages should at most redirect to an external wiki.

This applies to other named things, a named gun, a named ship. In general this wiki is not a haven for individuals, but an overview of things alien . . .

When is something appropriate

I think that content only from published works, in print, video games, film, or television. So long as it was distributed by a company and has physical copies, anything self-published or existing solely on the internet shouldn't be allowed.


  • Axe Cop, content from Axe Cop is allowed because the work has been printed into books.
  • Awkward Zombie, content would not be allowed because there is no book that it is published in (okay there might be now, I am not sure if it was released yet, also no distinct aliens in this web-comic)

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