I don't exactly celebrate Christmas (or any holiday), but I am not sure I will be able to get into my building at work to work all weekend. Therefore, I am setting up plans for what I should work on this weekend if I happen to be home. It should be noted though that I intend to spend a majority of the time I'd be home playing Mass Effect, as opposed to overhauling this page, simply because I want to beat both games in the series before Mass Effect 3 comes out, and on a normal day I can only go through one or two planets, if secondary missions; most days I do not have time after work for a single plot-based planet.

  • Add image of various Star Control 3 races for posting on the various galleries (FAR too many planets to worry about right now - likely numbers into the thousands range)
  • Add pages for the various bio types found in Star Control 2.
  • Add codex information directly pulled from playing Mass Effect to the various pages; for those pages with info already added by some wonderful individual (such as the Krogan), will add codex info into its own subsection after the original information. I simply think it should all be in there.
  • Add various non-sapient Mass Effect organisms to the wikia.
  • Add a few planets from various Mass Effect systems to the wikia.

I'll likely ponce around cleaning up articles too, but that's the currently-planned gyst of things. While I don't celebrate, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. -- Somarinoa 22:06, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

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