I try to add something every day although since my job has taken over much of my life I simply have not had the time. It'd help however to have a basic guideline to follow, which I usually just have in a document but since I'm bored and want something to do in my downtime, I thought I'd make a blog about it.

Since we now have 26 separate galleries for alien species, I thought I would perhaps add something per subsection of each letter, instead of just one per letter. This will take some time of course but hey, I've got a weekend coming up anyway. From what I'm staring at right now, here's my list I plan to work on this weekend, though I don't expect to get all finished - like I said, it's just a guideline. Keep in mind I took one from each subsection that still had a species placeholder, whether there was one in there I actually wanted to do or not and even if I have no idea what the organism is from (in the case of some singular choices):

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