Anyone else out there having problems with the wikia editing pane? A few days ago I noticed that the search results when typing into the search bar was appearing behind everything else, and that was....obnoxious but bypassable (simply by continuing to type). However, today when I logged on and prepared to continue editing galleries for Star Wars species (specifically illustrated aerial species), I found there to be no tabs for the "Source Mode" against the "Visual Mode"; I can't edit galleries in Visual Mode at all, and I feel as if the search bar problem was happening at home as well as at work, so I'm a little worried about it. Does anyone else have these problems at all? I want to find out if it is a wikiawide problem (and I did check other wikias, same issue) or if it's just my computer. Ugh, Heavens Below I hate visual mode. -- Somarinoa 19:13, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

PS: Oh, also - This was our 9,000th edit since adding badge achievements a few months back. Man we do a lot of work. Keep it up!

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