Here is a list of articles created—presumably all by—that have absolutely no information on them, and are simply "blank pages". If any of you have the time or the knowledge (or the search engine skills) to fill some of these out for us (I will be doing so some but I also have other engagements) that'd be great. Keep in mind that the info should simply be added, as opposed to the pages just being deleted. I have taken care of the articles I found in my preliminary search that did not need to exist (which almost included the weapons but I thought, meh, what the hey). Categories should exist on each page which will aid in obtaining the information on each. For the weapons however, you can add from numerous sources (for instance, the Blaster page is categorized just for Star Fox, but should definitely include Star Wars information as well, and any other universe that uses them). The list is as follows: — Somarinoa 06:30, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

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