Here are a few pages to investigate that I have not been able to find pages to on the main wikia for the universe, Wookieepedia. I bring these to your attention in case any happen to be fanon, in which case I suggest moving to either Alien Fanon Wiki or my own Creativity Wiki. Keep in mind that there is another Star Wars wiki that I have not checked - Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki. I am 3 hours late to start my Mass Effect 3 play schedule today and so haven't taken the time to peruse there yet, but you may wish to do so in my absence. In the case of the Blubreen, their article states a homeworld while their Wookieepedia article says it hasn't been stated yet. These pages to look into are listed below:

Keep in mind, these are not necessarily fanon articles - I just can't seem to locate them during my search for each page. -- Somarinoa 10:46, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

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