Dantescifi thinks he's...funny, or something. He added a bunch of Star Wars images - some of which we already have - but the thing is, he added MASSIVE amounts of white to each. Each of these need to be deleted but I want the other admins to see. One is even the same image twice under separate species name. Sorry, but no. It's another suspicious action.

I am not an idiot. I have an IQ only 16 points under Einstein and I am a significant Star Wars fan. You're not pulling any wool over my eyes here, buddy.

It's entirely possible that they were attempting to add images without saving original images to the drive by using screen captures and MS Paint, though it seems unlikely due to the violations of species names and designs that don't normally exist, and is sufficiently unprofessional, at that. Other admins, feel free to chime in. I'll personally leave these a few days so you get a chance to see. -- Somarinoa 00:03, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

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