IP address has been adding pages without information. While that isn't against policy or anything as far as I can recall, these completely blank could get easily lost amongst all the other pages if we don't get on adding at least some information to them, which for one will diminish our overall professionalism. If you are looking for pages to add info on, I suggest checking out their contribution page and adding info as well as images to the various pages (though you should check the alien species galleries just in case images for the species already exist). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Another idea brought up was that we should change the background theme from the default...siren or whatever it is... to something that befits the content within the wikia. What do you all think about this? I for one would be all about doing so if we could come up with a great enough image to represent what we do.

Third and final thing I've noticed lately is a lot of unregistered users editing pages. Normally that's no big deal of course but there has been vandalism lately and all—what is everyone's opinion on this? Should we continue to allow unregistered IP addresses to add and simply risk the vandalisms or should we alter it so that people have to be logged in to edit? -- Somarinoa 04:32, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

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