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  • TejonMieleroXL777

    Well how all of ours have been see, i watched what the humans have a lot of enemys, and i decided put here all the alien species more powerful than the humans have faced-off, and now i wanna what you say me which of this species of videogames, movies, tv shows, and others universes are a true threat for ours.

    • a)The Xenomorphs
    • b)The Yautja
    • c)The Reptilians who a lot of people think what now where into our societys and are trying to quit our planet to us.
    • d)The Drej from Titan A.E
    • e) The Covenant from Halo
    • f)The Necromorphs from Dead Space
    • g) The martians from War of the Worlds of 2005
    • h)The Locust of Gears of War
    • i)The Irken
    • j)The insectoid invaders from Star Ship Troopers
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