The Uukaablians were a race native to the planet Uukaablis. While technologically primitive, the Uukaablians have developed a large amount of medical skill and knowledge. Various factions of Uukablians waged a civil war for many generations before their leaders agreed toa a ceasefire. All weaponry was placed aboard a cargo ship and launched into the system's sun. Shortly after the war eneded, the Uukaablians began dying of a disease they had never seen before. It was discovered, after decades of research, that the disease was caused by a microscopic germ created as a biological weapon during the civil war. The disease was quickly arrested, and the Uukaablians spent the next thousand years rebuilding their world and developing a vast medical knowledge base. They were untouched by the Galactic Civil War, but learned of the New Republic from the crew of the FarStar, during its search for Moff Sarne. The average Uukaablian stands over two meters in height, but had small features. Large, elliptical eyes dominate their small heads, which have thin noses and a lipless mouth. Their chins were studded with small, bony knobs, and their four-fingered hands were thin and delicate. In addition to their skills with medicine, the Uukaablians were also polite and diplomatic, and won't let a silent moment slip by without filling it with conversation.

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