V is the language of the Visitors.


Letters Edit

The Visitors have a character set consisting of forty-one characters. Each English letter is represented in their character set, along with digraphs and macrons.

  • The Visitor embassies have the text "we are of peace" written on their walls, as do their medical centers.
  • Many signs posted around the Visitor embassies and in the Surveillance Center are bilingual.
  • Ryan sent the message "John May Lives" to the Mothership in both English and V.

Numbers Edit

The Visitors use a base ten numeric system, as is evident by their numeric keypads and their countdown devices.

Notes Edit

  • While the macrons and digraphs do appear on Visitor computer screens, they are generally absent from posted signs even when it would be appropriate to include them.
  • A font of the Visitor's language is available for download from its creator's blog.

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