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Valra, a Vampire

Valra, a female Vampire

are a species of semi-humanoid reptiles, having a snake-like tail to travel.


Vampires have reptilian, palish green skin, they can grow hair from their bodies like mammals. Their powerful tails can be used to coil around their enemies. Their fangs inject toxins into the victim's bloodstream, controlling them. They share many physical traits with Humans but there is no such possiboility that the two species could be related or even their mortal enemies, the Banshee. Like in the medieval legends, they are very sensitive to sunlight/ However, they cannot be killed by wooden stakes and garlic.

If a Vampire bites a Banshee they would become a hybrid race, allowing them access to their abiltiies and become immune to sunlight.


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Unlike the Lycanthrope, Shadoen and Oni that have shapechanging abilities to blend in with Humans, Vampires require holographic technology to hide their true appearance from others. As they are a highly technological advanced race, they require energy resources for fuel and even use living beings for that matter, mostly try to capture Banshee for their power.


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