Universe Naša mala klinika
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height 1.5m - 1.7m
Diet Unknown
Intelligence Level Sapient

Vanzemaljci are fictional sapient species. The word vanzemaljci on Croatian means extraterrestrial beings. They were first introduced in 2006 in Croatian comedy series Naša mala klinika, episode Vanzemaljci.


They are light green color, they have giant heads and lumps on the head and wear silver suits. Vanzemaljci have pointed beard and big eyes. They don't breath any gases because they have closed system of breathing. Male alien had on his right hand finger a small light, when shines everyone who saw it forget the aliens.


Vanzemaljci rađanje

Birth of young alien

Vanzemaljci don't have money or any kind of it for thousands of years. They are peaceful race. Two of the aliens accidentally came on Earth because their ship was damaged. It is forbidden to attend births and they are secret. When females give birth they sing Song of Love.

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