Marak - a Vardian.

Marak - a Vardian.

The Vardians are an extraterrestrial species and are the most aggressive species seen in the Tracker series. They are super strong and have some telekinetic ability, as well as been able to move briefly at high speed and heal themselves, as Marak was shown as been able to heal quickly even after been shot in the neck, with seemingly no ill effect. Nestov was scared of the Vardians - claiming they could break a person's neck with one finger.

Zin - the main antagonist of the series and Cole/Daggon's arch enemy on Earth - is the only Vardian seen to be able to manipulate energy like the Cirronians do.

Notable IndividualsEdit

  • Zin
  • Marak
  • Rotekk
  • Rhee
  • Remel
  • Mederan

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