Varg is the son of The Nekross King, the older brother of Lexi, the husband of Lady Lyzera and the Prince later King Regent of all Nekross.

Varg along with his father, sister and several other Nekross travelled the universe to search for Enchanted planets for their food source: Magic and take it and send it back to the other Nekross on their home planet Nekron.

Varg likes nothing more than hunting out for Magic and has fought his way across many planets in this quest. From the Android armies of Dokkaben to the Royal Court of Orion Five, all have met their defeat at the hands of Varg. He and the other Nekross have taken magic from every planet they have encountered, except one: Earth as a teenage wizard named Tom Clarke does whatever it takes to protect the planet from them.

After the King's retirement (after it was revealed by Nekron's temporally ruler Chancellor Kooth that the King kept most of the Magic for himself and give his people only scraps), Varg becomes King Regent and marries a female Nekross named Lady Lyzera and continues his mission to extract Earth's magic. But he has another mission too, to extract revenge on Tom for turning Lexi into a human (which he did to save her after she gets Zanti Scale Contamination) and sent her to live on Earth, which Varg sees as an insult.

He has used a Form Filter on two occasions: Once as an Unenchanted woman named Stephanie Gaunt and second as a man named "Rick Towers".

He is played by Jefferson Hall in Series 1 and 2 and Kristian Phillips in Series 3.


Varg has brownish-gold skin and brown eyes with two antenna with an eye on the right one and a mouth on the left one.

When he was Prince, Varg wore dark blue armor with spikes on the shoulder pads. After becoming King Regent, he ditches the armor in favour of a dark blue/gold suit.

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