When the Vasari arrived in the systems owned by the Trade Order, they had no trouble subjugating the virtually unprotected planets. The Trade Order responded to this by recycling their many civilian vessels into warships, rebranding itself as the Trader Emergency Coalition. This sudden surge of military power enforced the need for the Vasari to make the appropriate improvements to their colonies, including their base industry and overall defenses.

Logistics StructuresEdit

Metal/Crystal Extractor: As one of the basic resources needed in the Vasari's infrastructure and other divisions, they employ these structures to harvest metal ores and crystals from asteroids in a planet's gravity well. Ore is collected and purified by removing impurities at the atomic level, thus yielding a more valuable output.

Frigate Factory: These structures, built like a giant ribcage, possess a dedicated nano factory that can churn out Vasari frigates and cruisers.

Capital Ship Factory: With a larger construction zone and advanced industrial nanorobots, these massive structures can build the powerful and terrifying Vasari Capital Ships.

Lirtestra Weapons Lab: These orbital research stations specialize in improving existing Vasari weapons technology as well as developing means to utilize more advanced weapons and warships.

Viturska Imperial Lab: With the Vasari in a perpetual nomadic state, it is difficult for them to enforce martial law in a colonial society. The research facilities aboard the Viturska Lab specialize in researching technologies that can improve Vasari colonies, including their industrial production and resistance to enemy culture.

Trade Port: The Vasari are capable of using nanotechnology to produce trade goods of high quality and lucrative price. They are sold at orbital trade stations and transported by freighters. If a Vasari faction has signed a Trade Alliance with another faction, they will send trade ships between their Trade Ports, thus providing a boost to the credit income of both sides.

Orbital Refinery: To maximize the output of Metal and Crystal Extractors, the ore they mine can be sent to refineries to process them in order to make them more useful. Vasari refineries utilize nanorobots to process ore at the molecular level, improving their overall quality.

Media Hub: When enemies throw their culture around, it is difficult to keep Vasari colonies in line when they are affected by an enemy's influence. These orbital structures broadcast various propaganda media programs that deliver powerful messages to colonies. It can bolster the allegiance of Vasari colonies, while whittling away at the loyalty of the colonies of other factions.

Tactical StructuresEdit

Missile Platform: Basic defense structures that hammer enemy ships with Phase Missile salvos. They must be deployed in large numbers in order to be effective.

Hangar Defense: These structures have massive docking bays and manufacturing centers for churning out and maintaining wings of Vasari strike craft. One platform can support up to two wings.

Regeneration Bay: The nano-repair systems that this platform uses can quickly repair the hull of damaged Vasari ships.

Phase Jump Inhibitor: By interfering with the phase drive of an enemy ship, this device can increase the time needed to charge up a phase jump by 700%.

Nano Weapon Jammer: This defense system sends a cloud of destructive nanobots to sabotage the weapons of enemy ships. This slows down the rate of fire of all ships, as well as the rate of bombardment for Siege Frigates and Capital Ships.

Phase Stabilizer: By stabilizing Phase Space at the planet it is built at, the Phase Stabilizer can allow Vasari Ships to phase jump to any other Phase Stabilizer Node, including ones created by the Antorak Marauder. These can also allow ships from the old Vasari Dark Armada to be warped in from Phase Space.

Kostura Cannon: The ultimate weapon in the Vasari Empire. This huge cannon fires large Phase Missiles that send out a powerful disruptive shockwave that disables all enemy ships and structures at the planet it hits. This will allow a fleet to mop up the enemy while their defenses are nullified.

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