The Vasari, being powerful imperialists, design their ships to be skilled at fulfilling specific roles in combat. Vasari craft have organic structure and often use Pulse Guns, Pulse Beams, Phase Missiles and Wave Cannons.


Jikara NavigatorEdit

Scout ships that, like other ships of its kind, are used for charting unexplored territory. The Jikara is unique because, unlike other ships, it can crew Metal and Crystal Extractors found in neutral sectors, like Asteroid Belts.

Jarun MigratorEdit

Colony ships that carry a portion of the Vasari refugees. These ships carry all the materials and equipment that the colonists use to establish planetary lockdown.

Ravastra SkirmisherEdit

The Vasari Light Frigate, averaging in attack and overall performance. The Ravastra is a good addition to early fleets, but not very effective against more advanced craft and capitol ships.

Kanrak AssailantEdit

This Assault Frigate is armed with long-range Phase Missiles that can pound ships from a distance. The Kanrak, along with the Junsurak Flak Frigate, is able to intensify its attack strength at the cost of mobility.

Junsurak SentinelEdit

Vasari Flak Frigates armed with fast and light Phase Missiles that can easily shoot down Strike Craft. As mentioned earlier, it can sacrifice movement to increase attack power.

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