The Vasari, being so oppressive and imperialistic, wield advanced technologies that enforce their empire and keep colonies in line. Nanotechnology, Phase Manipulation and Oppression form the Core of Vasari technology.

Military Tech TreeEdit


The Prototypes Tree houses the requisite technologies for all classes of frigate, cruiser and tactical structure, as well as the bulk of ship abilities and upgrades.


The Assault Tree houses weapon upgrade technologies, which optimize the efficiency of Pulse Guns, Pulse Beams, Wave Cannons and Phase Missiles.


The Support Tree pertains to technologies for improving hull integrity, armor strength, hull repair rate and shield mitigation.

Empire Tech TreeEdit


The Nanotech Tree pertains to general nanorobotics, which can improve mine output per second, planet health and prerequisite techs and upgrades for Trade Ports and Matter Processor refineries.

Phase MasteryEdit

The Phase Mastery Tree pertains to the manipulation of Phase Space, which is commonly used on all ships to perform Phase Jumps to planets or other areas in a star system. Such techs can allow ships to travel through wormholes and to other star systems, detecting hostiles that are or about to Phase Jump and the requisite, upgrade and ability for the Phase Stabilizer tactical structure.


The Oppression Tree pertains to technologies that enhance colonies and boost influence by use of pro-vasari propaganda and silencing all dissidents or rebels. Such technologies can enhance a colonies credit output and health as well as boost cultural influence near colonies and wherever a Capitol Ship goes.

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