The Vashans were a race of insectoids native to the planet Vasha, in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy. Each Vashan individual was covered with a chitinous shell, and they were known for their strength and stamina. The internal organs of a Vashan were unusual, especially the stomach. The true stomach was lined with muscle, which the Vashans used to crush their food to begin the digestive process. Six antestomachs preceded the true stomach, and each was filled with small stones to help break down food as it passed through. When coughed up by the bodhis of the Vashan people, these polished stones were called sin-bullets, and held a special place in the Vashan religion. Vashans were known to ignore food until their bodies were at the brink of collapse, at which point they gorged themselves to the point of satiation. Because of this, most restaurants refused to serve Vashan patrons, for fear of the mess they created. As a people, Vashans were timid and seemingly incapable of independent action, traits which were exploited when the Ayrou assumed control of Vasha during the Imperial occupation of Moddell Sector. The Vashans were quickly subjugated and forced to work as slaves in the mines, digging for metals and ores to support the construction of the second Death Star. The vast majority of Vashans simply accepted their fate, bowing to the demands of their leaders.

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