Vasuda Prime, fourth planet of the Vasuda system, was the desert homeworld of the Vasudans up until the events of the Great War.


Vasuda Prime is a harsh desert world. Though it is the only habitable planet in the Vasuda system, it is still very hostile. Both of the two continents are covered by vast, dry deserts, and what little surface water available was undrinkable, even by Vasudan standards. Despite the severe conditions on Vasuda Prime, the Vasudans were able to develop fast enough for them to survive on their homeworld. However, they were quick to seek new planets to inhabit, quite possibly because of the unaccommodating conditions on Vasuda Prime.

Fall of Vasuda PrimeEdit

At the height of the Great War, the Shivan fleets had carved a path of destruction through Terran and Vasudan space. Leading their advance was the SD Lucifer, a powerful Superdestroyer whose impervious defenses and superior firepower vastly overpowered the forces of the GTA and PVN. The Lucifer Armada tore through Terran-Vasudan defenses in Deneb, including the GTD Galatea, and broke on through to the Vasuda system. Upon their arrival, the Lucifer unleashed a devastating orbital bombardment upon Vasuda Prime with its beam cannons. The bombardment continued for 13 consecutive hours, and by the time it ended, the planet was rendered unihabitable. With Vasuda Prime destroyed, the Vasudans relocated their seat of government to Alderbaran following the end of the Great War. It is very unlikely that resettlement on the planet is possible.

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