General Information
Homeworld Terradino
Height 12feet and up to 60ft using their size changing power.
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapience
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Vaxasaurians are an extraterrestrial species of saurians from the planet Terradino, a planet similar to Earth. Based purely on the look of the landscape, at first glance Terradino appears to be the perfect candidate for a dream vacation brochure. It is described as a postcard paradise with sandy beaches and thick jungles, the home to a vast number of diverse animal-like alien species, many creatures big and small. It is a very beautiful planet, with all sorts of mountains, canyons, waters, rivers, plants and fauna.

Tragically, several different intelligent species evolved simultaneously on Terradino, such as Astrodactyl's species, and their relations are not peaceful. Warring factions in every group constantly seek to take control for themselves. However, one particular species, the Vaxasaurians, have been able to temporarily restore order through their sheer physical superiority. The Vaxasaurians are about 12 feet tall and very strong, and have the ability to increase their size and can grow up to 60 feet, but is unknown if they can shrink beneath their normal height.

In their normal size Vaxasaurians superficially look like cross between a Human and dinosaur. They have four-fingered hands with ape-like nails on the end of each. Their feet are elephant-like and have three toes. Their chest and abdomen are plated in a muscular fashion. Their skin has a wrinkled and plated pattern consisting of lines. Their neck hunches forward with their bottom jaw pronounced. They naturally have either green eyes with no pupils or light red eyes with cat-like pupils, along with brow-like extensions. There are lines extending from the mouth like wrinkles and their lips are thin and black. Their nostrils are either between or slightly above the eyes. Their teeth are white and almost human-like with the exception of a few fangs. Like dinosaurs, they possess a tail.

Male Vaxasaurians are tan with beige underbellies. The front of the neck and the side of the arms that face the body are also beige. Females have medium red skin and slightly darker underbellies. Their chins are slimmer and they have stripes around their body that are the same color as the skin but darker. They also appear to have feminine breasts that are usually found on female humans, hinting the species to be more mammalian than reptilian.

When Vaxasaurians grow in size, dinosaurian features start to become pronounced, until they look like an anthropomorphic dinosaur with stegosaurid back plates and thagomizers on the tail. Also, on the shoulders, three plates separate and grow along with the plates on the forearms. On the top chest plate, a small triangular extension forms on the bottom while the bottom sides stretch down and curve towards the center, ending at a point. The legs also seem to become slightly longer.

Vaxasaurians are strong enough to survive in space without any special equipment for a few minutes. They are also able to throw an object into near orbit and can lift a To'kustar with ease. They do however have slight trouble lifting their predator. Their thick hide makes them durable against most attacks. They are also quite agile for their size. They are however very slow, unable to fit in tight places and are extremely vulnerable to electricity.


Vaxasaurians' natural predator is a Tyrannopede, a centipede merged with a mix of a carnotaurus and spinosaurus's head. These apex predators can easily defeated and devour a Vaxasaurian with their powerful jaws, strength and the ability to snared their prey with a heavy coated web.

Ultimatrix EvolutionEdit

Using the Ultimatrix evolutionary feature, a Vaxasaurian's skin will change to green or pale light brown, develop gray or yellow horns on their head, arms, chest, and back, form an armored shell on their back and sometimes shoulders, develop an ankylosauridae or ceratopsidae-based helmet-like extension on their skulls, grow sharper claws and develop dark blue chestplates. At the end of their tail, a mace-like structure is formed. Exposed metallic plating and veins can sometimes appear. They become bigger, bulkier, heavier and stronger, being able to take on an army of modern Vaxasaurians. They stand 20 ft. tall. They can grow up to 120 ft. It is unknown at present whether their dinosaur features grow more pronounced with size, as it has not been seen to grow. They additionally gain the ability to change their hands and fingers into a missile launcher/barrel cannon-like weapon that fires bone fragments in the shape of bullets.



  • Vaxasaurians are based on Earth's sauropod dinosaurs. Both possessing elephant-like limbs, large bodies and long tails.
  • They are the supreme species of Terradino and only one species that can defeat and devoured them, The Tyrannopedes.
  • Vaxasaurians can occasionally be seen in clothing. The attire can include caveman-like loincloths, stone-based accessories and/or bones and skulls of other species.
  • Like humans, a Vaxasaurian could develop a need for glasses.

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