Universe Dragon Ball Universe
System Unknown
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain
Notable Species Plantians
Planet Vegeta and formerly Plant is a pinky purple atmosphere planet only a few things are know about the planet What is known is that Vegeta possesses ten times the gravity of planet Earth. Whether this means that Vegeta is a physically larger world or merely a denser one is never explained; it could be both. At any rate, it is this intense gravity that gives the Saiyans their natural physical resiliency and power. Likewise, it can be assumed that other native lifeforms have also adapted to Vegeta's gravity. The Truffles, the native race of Vegeta, appear to have evolved along different lines by having smaller bodies so that the gravity effects them less.

Vegeta as depicted on Battle of the Gods movie.

Based on what can be seen of Planet Vegeta in the manga and anime, the planet appears to be a harsh desert world, with a red sky instead of blue. However, nothing is ever directly stated about its weather, flora, fauna, or geology. As seen in Bardock: The Father of Goku, Planet Vegeta has two unnamed natural satellites (though there's only a full moon every 8 to 9 years).

History of the Tuffles and the Saiyans Edit

The Planet Plant was home to two races: the Tuffles and the Saiyans. The Tuffles were a diminutive race, native to planet Vegeta, who lacked physical strength and toughness, but were very intelligent and skilled with technology. By contrast, the Saiyans were average-sized, but very strong and brutal thus seeking refuge from their previous homeworld's destruction at the hands of the out of control Super Saiyan . Despite their incredible powers, the Saiyans were primitive and backwards, and lived in small clans scattered across the deserts of Vegeta. Meanwhile, the Tuffles used their ingenuity to create large metropolis in which to live, and were fairly prosperous. Their life was a peaceful one, until suddenly, the Saiyans decided to attack. The Saiyans, led by King Vegeta, declared war against the Tuffles. The Saiyans were giants compared to the Tuffles.

But then something happened to give the Saiyans an upper hand. The full moon came up, something that only happens once every 20 years, and the Saiyans possessed the ability to transform into giant apes called Great Apes whenever exposed to the light of a full moon. In their new forms, they easily defeated and obliterated the Tuffles and took over the planet, renaming it Vegeta after their king.

Exploitation by Frieza and destruction, Bye VegetaEdit

Soon the Saiyans were discovered by the tyrant Frieza. He found their race was strong and had a love of fighting, so he began to exploit them. He employed them to destroy races of people for him, to take over their planets, and eventually bring about Frieza's goal of ruling the entire universe. The planet was soon transformed into a military base, where all of Frieza's vast army could land and stay. Young Saiyans were sent off to other planets to destroy their inhabitants so Frieza could take them over.

Vegeta's Destruction

Frieza destroys the Planet Vegeta with his Supernova.

However, the Saiyans increased their strength quickly, and Frieza became worried that they would become too powerful. Being so powerful had not kept Frieza from a deep-set sense of paranoia, and he feared the Super Saiyan legend as a threat to his universal dominance. Frieza's most powerful henchman and top adviser, Zarbon, told Frieza to destroy the Saiyans before they grew to be a more threatening force. A few rebel Saiyans, including King Vegeta and Bardock sensed this, and plotted against Frieza. They attacked him, but as his strength was overwhelming he defeated them easily. Then, to rid himself of the Saiyan menace forever, he destroyed the planet along with nearly all of the Saiyans, the only survivors being Raditz, Nappa, Prince Vegeta, Kakarot, Turles, Broly, Paragus and Tarble also survived.