The Velox are a race of Sapient Insectoid's found in the Starflight Universe.


The Velox are Insect-like creatures with two legs, two arms, and two intermediate appendages which can serve as either. They have a hard, red, chitinous exo-skeleton, two large compound eyes and two large antennae which serve as olfactory sensors. When in a upright position a Velox is approximately 1.5 meters tall if male and 2.5 meters tall if female. Velox culture is akin to a hive culture like Bees on Earth. The Velox are not known to be particularly intelligent and when speaking they speak with many grammatical errors. Due to there low intelligence its theorized that the Velox commissioned the Mechans to build there Velox Probe ships for them. The Velox and the Old empire also had a Alliance and becasue the Mechans are a off shoot of the Old Empire the Mechans built the probes for them without incident. Although the Piracy of Harrison eventually caused the Velox to dislike the Old Empire. Although there intelligence is not that great they are however exceptionally strong and durable and they have excellent eye hand coordination. These physiological traits, in conjunction with a well developed spatial sense, make them well suited for engineering and technical tasks aboard starships.

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