The Velox are a race that look like gigantic bees and have a superior attitude about themselves. During a communications encounter, they will “happily” answer any questions asked about them, state that they are relatives of the prestigious Ancients race and “us are civilized the most”.
Velox Scout ship

A Velox Scout ship.

Velox ScoutshipEdit

The Scoutships are giant hive ships, weighing 300 tons each. They have a shield class of three, are armed with photon torpedos, and carry Endurium, cobalt and molybedenum.


  • Weight: 300 tons
  • Shield class: 3
  • Weapon: Photon torpedo
  • Known cargo: Endurium, cobalt, molybedenum


When communicating with the Velox and asking to share any information in general, they usually complain about some ancient distress call coming from the coordinates of 175, 94. This is from the Lasthope Scoutship that suffered an explosion that crippled the ship. The Velox has endured this repeating message for over 1000 years without apparently doing anything about it, even though the ship is not far from their territory.

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