Venom Spawn
Venom Spawn
General Information
Homeworld Axeoth
Habitat Necropolises
Locomotion Sliding along on muscled foot
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-sapient
Behavior Aggressive
Status Extant
Behind the Scenes
Universe Original Heroes of Might and Magic Universe

"The hideous, malformed venom spawn spits a deadly poison on its enemies before it consumes them."
―In-game description
Venom Spawn Portrait

Venom Spawn are strange, venomous creatures that were recruited for use by the Nekross armies of Axeoth in their Necropolises, opposing the Vampires as one of the towns' 3rd tier creatures.


Venom Spawns are the only ranged attack unit for the Necropolis in Heroes of Might and Magic IV
Venom Spawn
, which comes as a surprise as the two games prior featured Liches and their upgrade Power Liches. Even so, Venom Spawn are a formidable unit, with the ability to poison their enemies, which helps to do a lot of damage. However, this can be countered well through the usage of simple healing spells.

Unfortunately, the Venom Spawn contends with the Vampire units, as only one of the two selectable units per tier may be built and bought in each town (though each Necropolis town will have their own option to build whichever of the units they wish to). Because Vampires steal life from their targets and are therefore made incredibly powerful, the Venom Spawn are somewhat underused.

The Venom Spawn may have been planned to continue to appear throughout the subsequent games in the series, but unfortunately 3DO went bankrupt and was bought out by Ubisoft, who then created their own universe for following Heroes games. So far, the Venom Spawn has been excluded from further appearances.


Heroes IV Ranged

Ranged: The Ranged ability allows this creature to attack enemies at a distance, but in melee combat this creature does half damage unless it has the Normal Melee ability.

Heroes IV Poison

Poison: This creature's Poison attack damages a target and then do additional damage every turn until combat ends (as long as that target is living).


  • Heroes of Might and Magic IV (First appearance)
    • Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm
    • Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War (Final appearance)

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