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Venusians are an elf-like humanoid race from the planet Venus, and one of the three member races of Space Patrol, along with Earthmen and Martians. They are generally shorter than these other two races, and have light colored hair, pointed ears and large almond-shaped eyes. Their hands have only four fingers, in contrast with most other humanoids, which have five. Their voices tend to be high-pitched and smooth and they are widely perceived as intelligent, loyal and easy-going. They also take pride in their ability of never forgetting something.

Curiously, the Venusians seem to require the same environmental conditions as Earthmen and Martians, although they do find the Martian surface to be uncomfortably cold. They also need to consume more oxygen than Earth people. They have a gesture of crossing their wrists, which means the same as Humans crossing their fingers.


  • Space Patrol (1963 - 64) – All episodes

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