Vergon 6
Vergon VI
Universe Futurama Universe
System Vergon System (Presumed)
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Plains
Notable Species Four-Legged Mimics, Hermaphlamingos, Purple Fruit Snakes, Windy Shrimps, et cetera
Vergon6 1

Surface shot # 1

Vergon6 2

Surface shot # 2

Vergon 6 Survivors

The Survivors

The Planet Vergon 6

The surface of Vergon 6 comic style

Vergon VI, also written as Vergon 6, was a sunny little planet teeming with life and inhabited by a unique animal population. It was covered in vegetation with occasional ponds and rocky outcrops not un-akin to those found in Arches National Monument on Earth, no oceans or major lakes could be spotted. The sky was green with light-green clouds. Seen from space, the surface was covered in hues of green, brown and yellow.

The planet's fate was sealed, however, when it was discovered that its core was filled entirely with Dark Matter. The valuable resource was mined out by a DOOP mining crew, leaving the planet completely hollow. This triggered a shrinking process that eventually led to the catastrophic implosion of what was left of this world. However, some of the animals survived on fragments of the crust.

In the final days of the planet's existence, the Nimbus under the command of Zapp Brannigan guarded the security cordon around the planet in order to enforce Brannigan's Law. The Planet Express crew performed a tax-deductible mission of charity on the planet to retrieve some of the doomed animals. The only creature actually taken off the planet, however, was Nibbler who was taken under the wing by Leela (that being said, Nibbler's species, the Nibblonians, are in no way indigenous to the planet, meaning no local life was successfully removed from the world). Nevertheless, some other creatures survived and they live on a small fragment of the former planet.

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