Veron was a planet located within the Mektrun Cluster; it was the second planet in the Veron system. The native Gazaran were ruled by the ancient noble house of Araba. The planet attracted many tourists. Ferlem Kie'hintack was at one time Imperial Governor of the planet.


Veron was a "rustic" trade world which was dominated by forests and tropical jungles. The tropical rainforests of Veron were known for the fevvenor trees, which covered over three-quarters of the planet's land mass (only the mountains and shore areas didn't support the trees). Veron also had a complex biosphere that supported many unusual life forms. The rain forests were often graced with short, but refreshing rain storms. The planet's low axial tilt allowed for consistent weather, with seasonal differences measured more by rainfall variations than extreme temperature change. Temperatures at treetop level were warm by Human standards (rarely did the temperature drop below 35 degrees Celsius, and more often it hovered around the 40 degree mark). Below the tree top level, both rainfall and temperature dropped off appreciably. At ground level, the temperature averaged 25 degrees Celsius.

There were four continents on Veron: Vusi, Ganzka, Ablor, and Norol. There were also three oceans: the Alboz Sea, the Sea of Graves, and the Dizenk-Olvod Ocean.


The main starport was named Trelbio and was where most visitors landed upon arriving in-system. The native inhabitants, the Gazaran, built immense "tree cities" and actively cultivated the tourist trade. The cities featured exciting and colorful hagglers' markets, where tourists paid exorbitant prices for native wood crafts and sculptures. Since Gazaran had sharp claws that can easily penetrate the trunks of the fevvenor trees, they never had a need for ladders, ramps or other artificial constructions. Instead, a Gazar leapt out from a tree trunk, and glided over to other tree trunks. However, Gazaran cities had been well adapted to fit the needs of visitors lacking the ability to glide and ramps and walkways were a very common sight in cities, especially near open marketplaces and other public areas. Below the Gazaran cities was the underbrush of the forests, a popular destination for naturalists. Located near the marketplace areas were businesses that catered to tourists who wanted to explore the underbrush. Imperial troops were common in tree cities, although they normally were only involved in crime prevention.

Each city could have anywhere from about 25 to thousands of members, all living and working together within a certain radius of the respected elder female's home tree. The largest cities were Hengin Ki-Tapp Well Gon-far (located just to the west of Trelbio Spaceport, with over 100,000 Gazaran), Gazzt So-Terr Aggul Meztim-Si (on the continent of Ganzka, with over 50,000 Gazaran), Burll-ikem-Tiz-Sah (the largest Gazaran city, with 350,000 residents), and Distt Dok.

The Broken Tree Islands were a chain of islands in the northern hemisphere. The Gazaran believe that the islands were the remnants of a large continent which was home to the first great Gazaran civilization. For reasons they did not understand, one day a great storm swept over the continent, destroying many of the trees. After several days of these storms, most of the land sank, leaving only the peaks of the mountains. Miraculously, some of the Gazaran were able to migrate to the other continents. Scientific expeditions to the islands found ancient Gazaran artifacts in the shallow waters and many tourists came to the area for aquatic expeditions.


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